Crowcroft Park Primary School

Online Safety

It is very important that everyone stays safe whilst online.

Over recent years, the use of technology in both school and the home has increased greatly. Whilst this has positive impacts on learning, there are risks associated with children using the internet more widely and for that reason we place great importance on the teaching of e-safety at school.

Children are taught about online safety weekly using Project Evolve, to learn more about this please click here.

Project Evolve

Whilst we do all that we can to ensure the safety of children on the internet, it's essential that parents and carers continue this at home. There are a number of links below to support with this.


Useful links for parents

NSPCC Keeping Children Safe Online

BBC Family Online Safety

Child Exploitation and Online Protection

BT Internet Legends Parents Page

South West Grid for Learning

Online Safety Guidance for Parents