Crowcroft Park Primary School

Our Staff



Our Staff (ID 1280)



The Headteacher sets the tone for the whole school, and can foster a thriving workplace; a unified team; and an ethos of high challenge, low threat. When staff feel supported, valued,trusted and listened to, they can go about their important work feeling psychologically safe. When employees know that excellence is the non-negotiable standard, but that they will be appropriately trained and supported to achieve this, they can take pleasure in doing hard work and doing it well.



We will strive to always be genuine and ‘real’ in what we say and what we do. Trust and honesty are essential in a successful organisation: only when we understand the picture fully and authentically, can we move forward with confidence and positivity to even greater things. Anything can be fixed or overcome if we have truth and honesty.



A school’s people are it’s most valuable resource.

We must nurture wellbeing and respect work-life balance whilst recognising the importance of the work that we do. We should provide the necessary support and training to enable practitioners to become confident and expert. We must enable motivating and fulfilling career pathways.