Crowcroft Park Primary School

Staying Safe Out & About

Protecting young children

Statistics show that crime against young children by strangers is rare. Even so, these seven tips can help protect your child:

  • tell your child to avoid talking to people they don't know when you're not around
  • make sure your child knows never to walk away with strangers
  • make sure your child understands that they should always tell you if a stranger approaches, and never to keep this secret
  • if your child is travelling alone, tell them to sit near other families on the train or bus
  • if your child has to use a lift – tell them only to use lifts with friends, and not to feel worried about getting out if they are uncomfortable about someone else being in there
  • if your child gets lost, they should ask for help from a police officer, another grown-up with children or someone working at a nearby shop
  • have your children learn their address and telephone number by heart

While you are out with your children

Sometimes, young children can still be vulnerable even if you are with them. Following these simple precautions should give you peace of mind:

  • try to keep your children within your sight or another adult's whom you trust
  • use reins for your toddler - these will keep your child nearby even if you get distracted
  • when out and about visiting places, always arrange a meeting point for you and your child, in case either of you get lost
  • make sure you all travel together in the same train carriage, or have seats close together on a bus or coach
  • always go with your child into public toilets
  • remind your child never to talk to strangers, even if you are nearby