Crowcroft Park Primary School

Inspiring learning, achieving together

Vision & Values


We have close to 240 wonderful children at Crowcroft Park. They are happy, chatty and enthusiastic – and each one is unique, special and valued. We serve a diverse and ever-changing community, which brings a welcome richness to daily school life. Our children amaze and astound us continually, providing frequent joyful moments as they take new learning, new friendships, new languages - and even new countries in their stride. We feel proud and privileged to educate the children of Longsight. 

Once in a lifetime

At Crowcroft Park, we believe that the primary years should be a joyous time for every child: a unique ‘once in a lifetime’ experience to be cherished. Each child’s primary schooling should be filled with curiosity, intrigue, creativity and memorable relevant events.


On leaving Year 6, a child’s love of learning should be blossoming; their self-esteem should be rock-solid; and their belief that all of the world’s wonderful opportunities are there for the taking, should be unquestioned.

We must send our children on their way well-prepared to succeed.


Primary school is where children achieve the foundations of learning (QUICKLY, EARLY and WELL) that set them up for a successful secondary education, enabling them to enter the career of their choice and flourish. Our energy and effort should be focused on the foundations of learning (language and reading) and the start of the journey (EYFS).

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