Crowcroft Park Primary School

Inspiring learning, achieving together

School Ethos


We have close to 240 wonderful children at Crowcroft Park. They are happy, chatty and enthusiastic – and each one is unique, special and valued. We serve a diverse and ever-changing community, which brings a welcome richness to daily school life. Our children amaze and astound us continually, providing frequent joyful moments as they take new learning, new friendships, new languages - and even new countries in their stride. We feel proud and privileged to educate the children of Longsight. 

Once in a lifetime

At Crowcroft Park, we believe that the primary years should be a joyous time for every child: a unique ‘once in a lifetime’ experience to be cherished. Each child’s primary schooling should be filled with curiosity, intrigue, creativity and memorable relevant events.


On leaving Year 6, a child’s love of learning should be blossoming; their self-esteem should be rock-solid; and their belief that all of the world’s wonderful opportunities are there for the taking, should be unquestioned.

We must send our children on their way well-prepared to succeed.


Primary school is where children achieve the foundations of learning (QUICKLY, EARLY and WELL) that set them up for a successful secondary education, enabling them to enter the career of their choice and flourish. Our energy and effort should be focused on the foundations of learning (language and reading) and the start of the journey (EYFS).

What others say about us...

  • ‘I had such a worthwhile time visiting Crowcroft Park, as someone who grew up in that area and knowing how challenging it can be to engage students with such differing intersectional difficulties and needs, it was fantastic to see such enthusiastic teaching. The year 6 students we spoke to had a real passion for school and were eloquent and so fantastically behaved. A credit to all of the teaching staff. Thank you all so much for this enlightening experience’                                      Keeley Harris- Secondary SCITT trainee

  • My experience at Crowcroft Park Primary School has been exceptional. The teachers are truly invested in children's education and their growth as learners. Adjustments are made as needed to meet the needs of the pupils. Small class sizes and levelled learning have enabled the pupils to gain confidence in their learning abilities. Staff were very friendly and approachable.’                                                                                                                          Beenish Amin-Secondary SCIT trainee  

  • ‘I really enjoyed going into Crowcroft Park Primary.  It is a lovely school, with a calm atmosphere.  I was really struck by the behaviour of the children.  The teachers use of a non-invasive behaviour policy, where nevertheless the pupils knew exactly what was expected from them.  I liked the fact that they all do an hour of reading at the beginning of the day, and all the students attended different phonics lessons at the same time across the school depending on their needs.  A highlight for me was being able to see an exceptional teacher, the year 5 teacher, who demonstrated all the skills that we have talked about in training. It is invaluable to be able to pick up tips from experienced teachers at this point.  I was impressed by the level of English that the year 5's had mastered, particularly being able to name the English terms.  Overall  it was apparent the children were all happy and keen to learn.  We met some year 6 students and asked them about their experiences, and they were all very aspirational, wanting to become doctors and engineers.  Thank you for an invaluable experience.’                                                       Kathryn Harrison- Secondary SCITT trainee