Crowcroft Park Primary School

  School Improvement


Schools are dynamic places; characterised by constant change, learning and progress. An outstanding school leader seeks to embed and strengthen all that is good, and to take the whole school family with them - willingly and enthusiastically - on the improvement journey.



Leaders should be credible: they have a duty to be knowledgeable about the roles their teams perform and skilled in their own role. They should act with conviction: as captains of a ship, they should share the agreed destination and planned route with the whole crew; then they must take responsibility for adapting that route as circumstances change or if a better way becomes clear. Leaders should have the strength and courage to own their mistakes and accept that others, not themselves, may be the experts in some cases.



Outstanding leaders welcome the critical friendship provided by Governors (and external validators). They know the importance of setting targets and evaluating impact, but they also know that gradings and results are only important because they enable a school the autonomy and courage to continue to do what is right for its children.




We can all learn from others and we can all support others. We are not in competition with our colleagues or with other schools. We should develop a generous culture in which we willingly and enthusiastically share all that we do well, and openly ask for the input of those who do things better.

We must value, and be part of our community in order to thrive, and welcome parents as partners in education.


This is what we will be working over the next 12 months and beyond: